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The Infochan

The SGV Information Channel, sometimes simply called the "Infochan", is a televised information service, which is operated by Electro Saudi Services Ltd and broadcast 24 hours p/day through the Salwa Garden Village internal MATV system (modulated antenna television).

It is one of 54 TV channels on the village and
published slides include notices and announcements on the following:

Health & Safety
Security Matters
Corporate Matters
Operations & Maintenance
Private Enterprise
Charity Events
Social Events
Regional Advice

Graphics and supporting imagery are custom made and slides contain "economic English" with respectively specific on-screen times to allow clear reading of messages while maintaining presentation flow.

Expired slides are deleted immediately (usually within 10mins of expiry) while "developing" messages are updated at regular intervals (multiple times daily if required).

Our goal is to keep the total viewing time or "loop time" for all slides as low as possible and we usually achieve times of under 4 minutes, although this can increase during periods of heavy announcements.

To avoid presentations becoming "stale", we try to apply a maximum publishing period of just 3 weeks to slides which do not have a specific expiry date.

Certain slides such as emergency , medical and contact numbers are permanent features but these are also periodically re-made and given a fresh new look.

When slides are published, as a courtesy to the requestors, we generally send them a (Jpg. format) preview/screen-grab by e-mail.

Although wide screen TV programming is now 'standard', the Information Channel is still broadcast in the original 4:3 aspect format - actual size 720 x 540 pixels.

Consequently, slides are slightly distorted horizontally as they are stretched w-i-d-e when viewed on wide-screen TV's (16:9 aspect).

We are pretty quick at not only creating the artwork/slides but also in corresponding with requestors. In most cases we'll be working on a design as soon as the request arrives and while waiting to receive formal approval to publish (all publications require approval).

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